Dega for Fact Checking

Fact Checking

With so much information being published around every day, we just do not know what to trust. Coupled with this is the rise of Misinformation (Fake News). In the recent years, ‘Fact Checking’ has emerged as a powerful solution to the Misinformation problem. But the existing publishing platforms do not enable seamless publishing of fact-check stories that comply with the best practices of the ‘fact-checking’ ecosystem. The upside is that there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution.

Dega is an open source publishing platform that integrates all the best practices of the ‘fact-checking’ ecosystem as mandated by the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) Code of principles. It enables you to seamlessly publish fact-check stories like any other. The ‘Claim Review’ schema is integrated into the platform and you do not have to do any extra work.

How will Dega help me?

Well, if you’re into Fact checking, then Dega is the platform to be! It makes the task of publishing fact checks simpler & more effective.

Why should you choose Dega?

Going forward, Fact-Checking is going to become a mainstay of any newsroom. With all technology platforms moving towards using ‘Claim Review’ schema as a means to identify fact-check content, Dega helps newsrooms implement this seamlessly without any major changes to the existing technical architecture.

Who is Dega for?

Dega is equally useful for individuals and organizations.


Individuals can sign up to be on Dega and publish fact check stories in your name just like you do on Medium. However, there will be some form of an editorial oversight (approval process) before your fact-check gets published. This is intended for individuals who wish to fact-check from across the world and in various languages. This we hope would serve the hyper local fact check needs.


Dega is available for organizations (small or big) and existing publishers. Since Dega is built on Micro-Service architecture, all the features are exposed as REST API for organizations that would like to build their own UI or integrate Dega with their existing interface.